Rose Quartz - collect book at seminar

Rose Quartz - collect book at seminar


Rose Quartz - collect book at seminar

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"Precious stones have long been recognized as having power over diseases and destinies. Rose Quartz in particular has been known for its use in 'matters of the heart'. Having written his fundamental work "Twelve Jewels", Peter Tumminello realized that there was a "thirteenth jewel" of similar importance, which he found to be Rose Quartz. Using the results of experiments with this stone in homeopathic form and rich practical experience, Peter shines a floodlight on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities and powers of this iconic stone. Impressive cases including depression and anxiety give a beautiful picture of its deep-acting effects, providing a clear understanding of the essence of this jewel of the heart. Rose Quartz is a remedy needed by those who struggle with love and being loved, with spirituality and universal love, with self-love and giving love to their family members and others. Overburdened with responsibility, enmeshed and lost in care for others, with loss of identity and self - these themes speak strongly through the language of Rose Quartz. "The inner knowledge of the gemstones comes free as a shining 'light' within us. I am happy to see that more healing will take place through this book about the highly significant stone Rose Quartz." Alize Timmerman

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